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CND’s toughest, most durable Shellac Top Coat designed to give extra protection to weak nails against breakage and daily wear.

✓ Increased barrier, providing 25% more protection for thin, weak or damaged nails*

✓ Intense, long-lasting shine with uncompromising strength
✓ 14-day+ days of high performance wear for weak nails
✓ Applies and cures in the same way as Shellac Xpress5 and The Original Shellac Top Coat
✓ Removes in 15 minutes, using CND Nourishing Remover

CND now has a Shellac system to meet all your clients’ needs!

*compared to Shellac Original Top Coat


DuraForce Q&A

Q. What type of nails should DuraForce be used on?

A. Thin, weak or damaged nails, but it can be used on all nail types

Q. Will it strengthen nails?

A. No – this is not a treatment product for the natural plate! It is designed as a more durable top coat which will protect clients’ nails if they are prone to breaking and peeling. Think of DuraForce as a PROTECTIVE SHIELD for your Shellac Mani.

Q. Can it be used on normal nails?

A. Yes

Q. Does it apply as normal?

A. Yes, you apply one thin coat after you have cured your colour coat applications.

Q. What is the removal time and procedure?

A. A Shellac Manicure completed with DuraForce Top Coat should be removed using Nourishing Remover and foil Remover Wraps. The removal time is 15 minutes.

Q. Do you need to buff it off?

A. No, there is no filing or buffing required as part of Shellac removal when using DuraForce.

Q. Does it work in both the LED & UV lamps?

A. Yes, following each lamp’s top coat curing time.

Q. What are the application steps with DuraForce?

A. As per the normal Shellac system: single layer of the Base Coat, 2 layers of Colour, single layer of the DuraForce Top Coat.

Q. What is the price of DuraForce?

A. It is the same as the other two Shellac Top Coats.

Q. Do you get the same number of applications as the other two Top Coats?

A. No – you get slightly less: 18 applications from the 7.3ml and 36 applications from the 15ml.

Q. Should I increase my cost per service for removal?

A. Removal time is longer at 15mins! As it’s specific to weak nails and will create a longer service we would suggest a slightly higher price.

Q. Will DuraForce replace the other Top Coats?

A. No – DuraForce has been introduced to provide you with a full range of service solutions so you can tailor the best treatment to your client’s needs and nail types.

Q. Can I use DuraForce with Shellac over enhancements?

A. Yes. File to remove Shellac from Enhancements during a rebalance as you would with any of the 3 Shellac Top Coats.

Q. Can it be used for Nail Art?

A. Yes

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