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Light Elegance

Welcome to the Light Elegance Family! Light Elegance (LE) is a family run business headed by Jim and Lezlie McConnell along with daughter Lexi and son-in-law Joseph. Celebrating 20 years in the industry, Light Elegance have years of research and development inspiring their vast selection of hypoallergenic, easy-to-apply gels for all skin tones, nail types and styles – from natural nails to elaborate gel enhancements. 

LE are meticulous about quality control so you can be confident these products will look, feel and perform beautifully EVERY TIME.
LE has developed into a global leader known for easy to apply, odourless gel coatings that give incredible strength, flexibility, coverage and staying-power!

With over 250 gels including the staple hard builder gels, fabulous Colour Gels, Glitter Gels and the oh-so-popular Buttercreams, the new JimmyGel and P+ Gel Polish.

Light Elegance has been founded on family and chemistry values! 20 years ago, these values combined to form the bond LE shares today with one another and their customers. LE was born from chemistry, quality and community and these pillars translate to cutting-edge products that allow you to express your creativity and wow your clients. 

LE success is tied to yours, and collaboration is what makes the LE family so strong.

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