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Welcome to the Creative Academy + Manchester.

A multi Award Winning Training and Product Supplier to the Nail & Beauty Professional for some of the most respected, trusted and leading beauty brands in the world.

We are proud distribution and training partners for:
 Perfect Eyelash Brows | CND   |  Light Elegance  |  Mundo  |  Lecenté 
LASHUS  |  The Lift and Lash Extensions  | 
Moroccan Tan  |  Wax:One | Yours
We are a part of one of the largest and most respected network of professional nail & beauty training
providers within the UK.
We are a part of one of the

largest and most respected network of nail & beauty training providers in the UK

We are a part of one of the largest and most respected network of professional nail & beauty training providers within the UK.
From unique Multi Award winning foundation classes, specialised to give you the essential skills that will help your business to succeed. To envied Master level courses. So you can select what’s right for every point in your career.
Let us partner with you in your business success. 
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Meet The Team

The Creative Academy+ Manchester  team pride themselves on excellent customer service and having a great team here to support you at whatever point you are at in your journey.


Company director

With a passion for all things nails from a young age, Julia never imagined the endless possibilities that have been presented to her through her exciting and rewarding career. After being surrounded by the world of nails in America she quickly embarked on her nail journey in California and this incredible experience allowed her to open her own salon in the UK in 1987. This grew at an amazing rate and developed into the successful business that still remains.

In 2009 Julia partnered with Sweet Squared to become an education ambassador which quickly spiralled into becoming the proud owner of Creative Academy+ Manchester which has been a snowballing success since it opened and there is definitely more to come…



Dawn discovered CND™ in Tenerife back in 2001 and has never looked back. Being a part of CND™ for the past 15 years, Dawn believes that there is nothing in the industry as strong, passionate and sustainable as the brand she fell in love with all those years ago. Dawn is a full systems CND™ Education Ambassador for Creative Academy+ Manchester as well as one of our LashUs, Light Elegance and Brow educators. Not only is she able to pass on her knowledge to her students every day but she also spreads the passion for the nail and beauty industry that she makes so contagious.

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Robyn knew from a young age that she wanted to be a beauty therapist and from the off her career has gone from strength to strength. After completing her BTEC National Diploma in Beauty Therapy Sciences with full marks, Robyn took employment in salons. One of which sent her to the academy to complete a CND™ Shellac course and with her thirst for knowledge and learning it was no surprise she became addicted to the training! The last few years Robyn has built up a very successful mobile business and has gained one of her greatest achievements to date by gaining her CND™ Grand Master status. Now, Robyn is a Wax:One, MoroccanTan, LashUs, Light Elegance, Nimue and Brow educator and in June 2016 went to CND Bootcamp in Amsterdam to become a full systems CND™ Education Ambassador. She passed with flying colours even winning the awards for the ‘Most Professional’ & ‘Best Presentation’.

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Office Team

Rebekah has worked within the beauty industry for over 10 years, starting her beauty journey at the age of 17. Alongside specialising in Makeup artistry and building a loyal clientele, Rebekah has also been a part of a professional sales network. Rebekah’s knowledge and experience within the beauty & sales sector is a great addition to the Academy, not only to the team but also to support our ever-growing customer base with exceptional customer experience. Most recently Rebekah has successfully passed her AET teaching qualification and is now a part of our Education team, teaching our ever-popular Brow Styling and Brow Henna classes with much more to come!


Office Team

Jade has worked in retail for the last 15 years bringing her extensive knowledge to our store and office. She has been in the beauty industry for the last few years and has undertaken a variety of courses making her extremely knowledgeable in all of our products. Jade’s passion for the beauty industry teamed with her extensive knowledge of retail makes her a fantastic addition to the Creative Academy+ Manchester team.

Creative Academy + Manchester

 Julia and her team look forward to welcoming you to the Academy