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Spray Tan

A perfect tan is all about the colour and the way it complements your skin to glow.

This is achievable when the skin is deeply nourished and hydrated enabling your skin to accomplish the perfect tan each and every time! As a brand at the forefront of both spray tanning and skin technology, we have mastered the secret to achieving both the perfect colour and natural glow that all avid tanners strive for!

Our highly natural formula utilises Pure Organic Argan Oil, a powerful antioxidant rich in Vitamin E, Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic Aloe Vera and several other premium ingredients to ensure your skin is deeply nourished, assisting in the application of achieving a deeper and longer lasting tan.

Our unique formulation consists of innovative technologies – Dermal Lock, Moisture Lock, FT100° and Enhanced Bronzer technology. Moroccan Tan’s unmatched Enhanced Bronzer technology comes in shades of deep ashy brown and rich violet bronzers, which adapt to each individuals skin tone for a customised tan. Dermal Lock, Triple Moisture Lock and FT100° technology are paramount to achieving a flawless, refined finish that leaves skin feeling soft and silky for longer.

Carefully selected ingredients reinforce Moroccan Tan’s philosophy of the importance of skincare offering natural and organic based products, free from PEG’s and Parabens.

MoroccanTan Professional Spray Tan Solutions:

Original Collection

Infused with Argan Oil and Vitamin E, MoroccanTan helps moisturise the skin, producing a beautiful bronze tan that leaves the skin soft and silky. The non sticky, non oily formula absorbs deeply to help nourish the skin making your tan last longer and provide a gradual, natural fade.

MoroccanGold – 8% DHA

MoroccanOriginal – 10% DHA

MoroccanBronze – 12% DHA

MoroccanCoco – 14% DHA

All original collection have a 2 hour wash off. For a darker colour extend your wash of times following guidance on the bottle.


Exotic Collection

Infused with luxurious Argan and Rosehip Oils and enriched with vitamins to create radiant, silky hydrated skin. The MoroccanTan Exotic Collection combines the benefits of an exotic bronze tan with luxurious skin benefits. The non-sticky, non-oily formula absorbs and works rapidly to product a radiant vibrant exotic tan.

MoroccanDusk – 11% DHA

MoroccanNights – 15% DHA

MoroccanDusk has a 4 hour wash off and MoroccanNights has a 1 hour wash off. For a darker colour extend your wash of times following guidance on the bottle.



MoroccanAccelerated (16% DHA)

Deeper, darker and more luxurious than ever, the newly formulated MoroccanAccelerated works to enhance the radiance of the complexion by stimulating the skin’s natural defences.

The MoroccanAccelerated 30 minute formula delivers a dark, natural and intense finish with the skin emerging supple, smooth and deeply bronzed. Containing new natural odour inhibitors, delivery systems ensuring faster absorption of DHA and Melanin Tanning technology, this newly formulated product works to hydrate and replenish the skin. For a darker colour extend your wash of times following guidance on the bottle.


MoroccanTan Retail Range:

Boost your sales with this range of fabulous MoroccanTan retail products.

From skin prep, to gradual build, tan extenders, instant tanning mousses and lotions – your clients can maintain their glow in between salon visits.

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