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The Nimue Skincare Range

Leaders In Scientific Skincare

A new generation derma-cosmeceutical brand from South Africa, Nimue Skin Technology uses a unique combination of AHA’s (Alpha hydroxy acids) to gently rejuvenate and restore skin from the inside out.

Originally developed in 1994 for the medical market and packed with the latest scientifically proven ingredients, Nimue have been partnering with beauty professionals across the globe to drive results-based treatments in salons that help clients improve their skin condition and achieve visible results.

Derma-Cosmeceuticals Explained

Cosmeceuticals are a fast-growing category in the UK as consumers and clients alike demand more technologically advanced products that deliver visible and quantifiable results and address fundamental skin health rather than just appearance.

Unlike traditional cosmetic skincare brands, which are generally alkaline based and strip the skin’s acid mantle, derma-cosmeceuticals are acid based products which impact the structure and function of the skin by penetrating deeper into the skin, repairing and restoring from the inside rather than beautifying and plumping on a superficial level.

Rich cosmetic moisturisers can also create a ‘negative feedback cycle’ where the skin loses its ability to hydrate itself, whereas acid based products encourage cell regeneration so the skin can re-educate and regulate itself.

The Science Behind The Brand

Nimue research and development team is headed up by leading Doctors and Scientists, each true specialists in their specific fields. They continuously work on ways to effectively impact the targeted cells without the use of high levels of chemicals on the skin. Nimue truly believes in creating optimal skin health through a thorough understanding of how the skin functions.

Nimue uses the highest grade of the latest scientifically based ingredients derived from biotechnical and natural sources, used synergistically in innovative delivery systems to effectively treat targeted skin conditions.

The introduction of Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Amphoteric AHA’s in the correct concentration, combination and strength as well as Vitamin A and antioxidants, such as Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C and E Esters and encapsulated Vitamin A, C and E, is considered one of the most significant breakthroughs in advanced skin treatment. Support ingredients such as Encapsulated Tea Tree Oil, Encapsulated Retinol, UV Filters, L-Ascorbic Acid, Enzymes, Pigment inhibitors, Peptides, plant Stem Cells and Phytoceutical ingredients such as Soybean and Rice Protein, Kigelia Africanan and essential oil blends work in synergy to clear, refine and renew skin down to its deeper layers.

Why Choose Nimue

  • Unique use of triple Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s) – Citric, Lactic & Glycolic – Maximum stimulation minimum irritation
  • An excellent addition for Therapists looking to offer more specialised, results-based skincare
  • Proud ‘professional only’ status – homecare products can only be purchased from trained therapists
  • Pharmaceutical-based products, clinically tested to be safe and effective
  • Offer clients a complete bespoke treatment programme (in-salon treatments + home aftercare)
  • Effectively treats skin concerns – environmentally damaged, hyper-pigmented, problematic and sensitised
  • Unique retail refill system – cost saving for client, reduces landfill
  • No investment in expensive equipment – ingredients penetrate through chemical ‘delivery systems’
  • Products are suitable during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Brand Origins

Originally developed in 1994 for the medical market, Nimue Skin Technology has earned a reputation globally for innovation and for delivering visible results that delight therapists and clients across the globe.

Global Brand Ambassador for Nimue and International supermodel/businesswoman, Helena Christensen – aged 47, shares her top tips for maintaining her healthy and glowing complexion.

View Nimue’s latest range addressing age-prevention and understand the science that goes behind restoring and maintaining youthful skin.

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