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Light Elegance (LE) is a family run business headed by Jim and Lezlie McConnell along with daughter Lexi and son-in-law Joseph. Celebrating 20 years in the industry, Light Elegancehave years of research and development inspiring their vast selection of hypoallergenic, easy-to-apply gels for all skin tones, nail types and styles – from natural nails to elaborate gel enhancements. LE are meticulous about quality control so you can be confident these products will look, feel and perform beautifully EVERY TIME.

LE has developed into a global leader known for easy to apply, odourless gel coatings that give incredible strength, flexibility, coverage and staying-power! With over 250 gels including fabulous hard Colour Gels, Glitter Gels and the oh-so-popular Buttercreams, LE coatings are what our customers have been crying out for. 

Light Elegance has been founded on family and chemistry values! 20 years ago, these values combined to form the bond LE shares today with one another and their customer. LE was born from chemistry, quality and community and these pillars translate to cutting-edge products that allow you to express your creativity and wow your clients. LE success is tied to yours, and collaboration is what makes the LE family so strong.

Light Elegance was established on the principles of chemistry, quality and community. Creative Academy+ Manchester Serves the Pro with Love & Respect and stands behind every  brand we sell; results must  be exceptional and we’re excited and proud to ‘open our hearts’ to the Light Elegance family.
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The Lexy Line is made up of 6 different hard gel products to give the nail professional complete control and creativity to achieve the perfect nail. 

With the Lexy Line you can add structure, build and extend for beautiful nails that last well over 4 weeks. 

With a pink for every skin tone, the Lexy Line is designed to suit every service to perfection. 

– Create nails of any length and shape; your imagination is the limit!
– Comprehensive selection of pinks and whites for every skin tone and style 
– 8 ml (whites only), 30 ml, 50 ml and select 120 ml sizes 



Advanced technology color in gel form that provides one-coat overlays or detailed art designs depending on your client’s needs! 

Agitate the product with your brush for fast, thin overlays, or apply straight from the jar for detailed artwork. 

– Works the way you want by allowing total control over product thickness
– Smooth, effortless application with one-coat coverage 
– 65+ premium creams, glitters, shimmers and frosts available in 2019
– 5 ml jars save space and perform 30-40 services!
– 4+ on-trend color collections released each year 



Indestructible hard gels built with premium pigments, glitters and an award winning formula.

– 100+ colors availableHigh-performance color base with creams, glitters, shimmers and frosts
– 17 ml size and seasonal 6-packs available
– 4+ on-trend color collections released each year 




Packed with premium glitters and an award-winning formulation, LE Glitter Gels are the best, brightest and longest-lasting on the market. Turn heads and wow clients with every set!

– Fast, easy application over any hard gel or acrylic
– First-ever glitter gel formula to ensure glitter stays suspended!
– 17 ml size and seasonal 6-packs available
– 4+ on-trend collections released each year





Highly pigmented thin viscosity gel paint can be applied over enhancements or used to create detailed nail art and polish with one coat coverage available in Pastel, primary and NEONS! 

Why are there so many different gels?
LE have different types of gel coatings for different nail needs giving the therapist more choice and versatility when it comes to choosing the right coating for each nail type and condition. More choice gives us more options to pick the perfect enhancement coating for every client – every time.

What’s the difference between Colour Gels and Buttercreams?
LE colour gels are buildable and sculptable; they are an indestructible hard gel that lasts until you file it off.

Buttercreams are a one-coat coverage gel for thinness, designed to finish off an enhanced nail without adding extra bulk with colour. Buttercreams apply like butter and can be stirred to make them even thinner which is perfect for nail art application.

Do I need all of the different LE Gel offerings? 
Not necessarily. Each of the core Lexy line gels have different qualities and viscosities (apart from Mani-Cure Gel which is the thinnest viscosity), they are all sculpting gels with different benefits. 

If you like a firmer thicker viscosity gel you would use Builder Gel or Fiber Gel. 
If a medium viscosity is required, you would use Cool Gel or Extreme Gel. 
Finally, there is 1-Step Gel which is a self-levelling, thin viscosity gel which acts as a gel and topcoat in one.

How many sets per pot?
Each pot of colour gel or ButterCream can perform approximately 40 sets of nails depending upon the size of the nail and the application thickness

Do I need all Bonding products? 
LE bonding products are expertly formulated to provide the best adhesion for every LE service – 4 different bonding products perfectly formulated for any nail type or style. 

The most versatile of the bonders is Tack which is a UV cured bonder that acts as double-sided sticky tape and really grips the product to the nail plate. 

If you have a client who suffers with pocket lifting the Vitaprime is an additional step you can apply to eliminate this happening. 

Tack can be used in conjunction with Airbond or Vitaprime. Airbond is more for using with L&P as opposed to gel. Powerbond can be used with Buttercreams, Colour and Glitter Gels, to apply colour to toes or for fast, hard-gel manicures in conjunction with Super Shiny that lasts until the nails grow out and are easy to fill.

Which Base do I use?
LE use the term BONDING for their BASE COATS – see above for the choices and remember the most versatile and common bonder is Tack which is a UV/LED cured acid-free bonding agent that cures with an ultra-sticky residue. It provides an extremely strong foundation for ALL nail enhancements.

Which top do I use?
LE use the term FINISHING for their TOP COATS. LE finishing products complete the LE service and provide a long-lasting shine or matte appearance – 3 hard gel choices provide an option for every service and every style. 

SUPER SHINY is the best top coat on the market and will never discolour from hair colour or tanning beds. Cleanse after curing.
TOP GLOSS cures tack-free to a high shine so no need to cleanse. It’s a great time saver and can be used with pigments and chromes. You can also use it over polish IF the polish is 100% dry!
FLAT MATTE is a top coat that will give you a perfect matte finish that truly lasts until the next service. Cleanse after curing!

How long do I cure?
The answer here depends on which product you are using! 

Bonders (Base Coats)
TACK – 2 mins UV. 30 secs LED
POWERBOND – 2 mins UV. 30 secs LED
AIRBOND – 15 secs airdry

Finishers (Top Coats)
SUPER SHINY – 2 mins UV. 1 min LED. 30 Secs in the DOT LED
TOPGLOSS – 2 mins UV. 1 min LED
FLAT METTE – 2 Mins UV. 1 min LED


Can I mix Gels / Colours & Buttercreams?
Yes!! To create new shades, you can mix although the viscosity may change.

What brush should I use?
For Gel Application we recommend the OVAL #4 or FLAT #4

For Colour or Glitter application we recommend the GEL POLISH #6 which is slightly larger and allows for smooth flawless application.

For applying or carving out smile lines we recommend the SMILE LINE brush which is angled
to give crisp flawless finish.

Can you use Light Elegance on toes?

Why do I need different brushes for Colour Gels?
You can use the same brush for Colour Gels and Buttercreams, and we recommend another brush for Glitter Gel application. Separate brushes stop that annoying spec of glitter appearing in perfectly cream coloured applications! 

How long does a Light Elegance manicure last?
An LE Gel Manicure can last flawlessly for 3 weeks.

Can I do nail art with Light Elegance?
Yes!! Light Elegance gel choices are a perfect choice and palette for nail art that lasts.

Can I sculpt with Buttercreams / Coloured Gels / Glitter gels?
You can sculpt with the Coloured Gels and Glitter gels but not with the Buttercreams or paints as their viscosity is too thin. You can do slight raised 3D design elements with Buttercream for nail art though!

Which white is best used for French manicures?
It depends on what type of white you want and personal preference. PERFECT WHITE is a thin bright white you paint in one stroke, SWEDISH WHITE is an extremely bright paint on white that needs 2 thin coats. FRENCH TIP is a thick viscosity sculpting gel.

Can I use Light Elegance with tips?
Yes, you can use LE gels with both tips, sculpting forms and as a Natural Nail Overlay! 

Can I mix Additives and / or Glitters into the gel?
Yes but no more than 1-part additive to 3 parts gel ratios!

What product is intended for which client type?
Clients who have strong natural nails can have fast, hard gel manicures using power bond and the colour/glitter Buttercream gels with super shiny.

Mani-cure is the thinnest and most flexible of the Lexy line and provides a protective base coat on the nails prior to applying colours or glitters; it is also perfect for natural nail manicures.

Depending on the strength the client needs all the other gels would be suitable to create flawless enhancements that last!

How long do LE enhancements last?
2-3 weeks before needing a rebalance / fill.

How do I store my LE products?
Store in original containers away from UV sources as you would any other light cured nail product.

What sizes are available?
It depends on the product. 
Standard Lexy line gels come in 30ml or 50ml pots
Buttercreams come in 5.5ml pots
Coloured & Glitter Gels come in a 6ml or 17ml pot
Paints come in a 6ml only pot
BONDERS & FINISHERS come in 15ml bottles (some are available in larger refill bottles).

Why would I use LE over CND Brisa?
There is a wider variety of colours, different types of gel coating for different nail plates and greater clarity in the finish.

How does the strength compare with CND Brisa?
LE Is a harder less flexible gel compared to Brisa; LE gel is geared to tougher wearing clients similar to those clients who wear Retention+ L&P. 

Is the application process the same as CND Brisa?
No Application is different to CND™ Brisa. There are different techniques depending on the type of LE gel you are using!

Can you use LE with CND products (ie primer, Shellac, Lamp)?
You cannot use CND™ Primer with Light Elegance Gels however you can finish your enhancements with Shellac™ colour, either over enhancements, sculpts or natural nail overlays.

Using a thin layer of MANI-CURE over a natural nail will give extra strength and will soak off as normal when you come to re-Shellac your customer. MANI-CURE is the only soak off gel in the LE line. You can use the CND™ Lamp to cure LE products however to get the most comfortable cure for your sensitive clients we recommend the LE LED DOT Lamp.

What’s the difference between CND Brisa and LE?
LE has a more comprehensive coating selection, huge colour options and superior strength. 

Can I use CND Shellac over the top of the different LE gel coating options? 
Yes, you certainly can.

Are CND and LE gels interchangeable?
You could apply Buttercreams over finished Brisa nail enhancements should you wish however we would never recommend mixing the brands together to create enhancements. We are NOT chemists and Light Elegance has already done the hard work for us!

Do I need a separate lamp, or will my CND Lamp cure LE Gels?
You can use the CND™ Lamp to cure LE products however to get the most comfortable cure for your sensitive clients we recommend the LE LED DOT lamp.

What are the removal times / processes?
MANI-CURE can be soaked off; all the other LE gels need to be buffed off using a 180grit file. You can leave a super thin layer to protect the integrity of the natural nail which will grow off perfectly.

Are LE Gel Coatings hypo-allergenic?
All LE Gels are Hypo-allergenic

300-101   400-101   300-320   300-070   300-206   200-310   300-135   300-208   810-403   400-050   640-916   642-997   300-209   400-201   200-355   352-001   642-999   350-080   MB2-712   400-051   C2150-606   1Z0-434   1Z0-146   C2090-919   C9560-655   642-64   100-101   CQE   CSSLP   200-125   210-060   210-065   210-260   220-801   220-802   220-901   220-902   2V0-620   2V0-621   2V0-621D   300-075   300-115   AWS-SYSOPS   640-692   640-911   1Z0-144   1z0-434   1Z0-803   1Z0-804   000-089   000-105   70-246   70-270   70-346   70-347   70-410  

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