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Q: What education courses are on offer?
A: We offer a fully accredited course in Lash Lifting, allowing you to be fully insured. It is a one-day course and includes the latest in education and our LASHUS – THE LIFT treatment with our exclusive new to the UK formula which is produced in Europe.

Q: How much do the courses cost?
 A: £295+ vat including kit worth over £250

Q: Do I need any other industry certificates or previous experience to attend training?
A: No previous experience is needed and training with LASHUS – THE LIFT is a great first step into the lash industry.

Q: I am already trained with another brand; do I have to complete your training to purchase products?
A: If you have been trained in Lash Lifting with a recognised training provider, you can show/email/upload your certificate to be able to purchase products from us. However, you may wish to update your knowledge around Lash Lifting and learn more in-depth information about our products and treatment and therefore would benefit from our training.

Q: What’s the difference between lash perm and lash lift?
A: Traditionally known a lash perm tends to slightly reduce the visible length of the lashes as they are curled around a rod to gain a curl. The lash lift ‘lifts’ your lashes up from the base, this will open up your eyes and will give the appearance of longer lashes – without the need for extensions.

Q: Will the training qualify students to tint without doing a lift?
A: No, we cannot accredit an individual to carry out a separate tinting treatment. The training you will receive will only accredit an individual to carry out a tint as part of THE LIFT treatment.

Q: What is the start & finish time for the LASHUS Lift course? 
A: 9am until 5pm with a 45 minute lunch break included.

Q: How can I find out more about the brand or try before I buy?
A: You can attend one of our free WOW days which are available over the next few months. Or if you are already trained in Lash Lifting by a recognised provider and can show certification you are able to purchase our TRYUS kit.

Q: Why is there no step 3 nourishing lotion in your lash lift?
A. Because our formula is so gentle the final products are removed with water. There is no need to include a nourishing step within the treatment. Clients are encouraged to use our Lash & Brow Elixir as part of their treatment aftercare.

Q: Can I use my treatment sachets for more than one client if it is within 24 hours?
A: The treatment sachets are single use only. Once opened, they begin to rapidly oxidise which reduces their effectiveness. Any remaining product left in the sachets can be used for patch tests for 2 weeks after opening.

Q: Are the products Vegan and Cruelty Free?
A: We are delighted to say that none of our LASHUS products contain any animal or animal derived ingredients and are cruelty free.
Q: When and where can I buy LASHUS – THE LIFT products?
A: Products are available for purchase from Monday 21st Jan 2019 from The Creative Academy+ Manchester in our onsite store. Products are only available for LASHUS trained professionals and customers who have previously completed an accredited course in Lash Lifting by a recognised provider and can show/email/upload a copy of their certificate.
There will also be WOW days available where you can come and see the treatment and products in person.
Q: How much does a LASHUS – THE LIFT treatment cost to perform?
A: This is a premium treatment and product Therapists SHOULD NOT be tempted to under-charge
Q Will you be offering any deals or buy-in packages?
A: Yes! There are 3 Kits you can purchase – TRYUS, DISCOVERUS and LOVEUS – Details coming soon!

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